Strata Management, Made Easy

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Strata Doesn’t Have to be Stressful.

Good Strata Management makes being a strata lot owner easy and stress free. Your Strata Manager will ensure compliance with not only the Strata Titles Act + Regulations, many State Legislative requirements and the Australian Taxation Office. Your Strata Manager will also look after the financial management of the Strata Company.

Many people think they can manage their own strata complex themselves and save a bit of money. However, Strata Reform in 2020 has introduced more accountability in strata management, including volunteer Strata Managers.

Whether you are in a self-managed scheme or have a agency managed scheme let us share with you our transparent management systems.

If you've landed here, you're already thinking it would be better for a new Strata Manager.

Save Time and Money

Find Your Space.

Home 2 Home Realty offers a fixed-fee all-inclusive price to manage strata complexes that range in size from four to 20 or more. We pride ourselves on our transparent prices and letting owners know exactly what they’re paying for.

Why You Need a Strata Management Company?

Here are the reasons to hire a strata management company:

1. Maintain Compliance

A strata management company maintains compliance. It keeps required records, including by-laws, registered plans, strata roll, correspondence and reports.

2. Property Maintenance

It maintains commonly shared property and other amenities that the members use. It, therefore, arranges quotations and repairs for the maintenance of the building and facilities.

3. Financial Management

It takes care of financials, including the payment of invoices. And it compiles and distributes financial statements and budgets.

4. Mediate Conflict Between Members

It liaises with residents and mediates in any disputes or concerns that arise. It helps solve disputes among the members of the community.

5. Handle InsuranceClaims

It manages insurance claims as they arise and obtains insurance quotes for the property.

Our Strata Managers can help you with:

1. Residential Strata

A residential strata scheme is when the residents own their lot and a share of the common property, such as roofs, stairwells, paths and external walls.

2. Commercial Strata

A commercial strata scheme is mostly used for industrial, commercial and retail purposes, including shops, retail spaces, factories, storage units, office buildings, etc.

3. Community Title

Community title schemes are separate buildings or large estates with shared land and facilities, such as recreational areas. They have higher levies and stricter by-laws.


We Get Things Done

Our strata management team takes a decisive, thorough and proactive approach to strata management.

When it comes to strata, you need someone impartial, someone fair and someone who gets the job done. Pavers popping up? Trees need pruning? Fences need repairing? Insurance due? We are hands-on with regular site visits looking out for your strata’s best interest.

Why Choose Home 2 Home as Your Strata Managers? 

Home 2 Home will make the process of renting out and selling your property simple. We provide excellence throughout the process. The main purpose of their team is to maximise the returns of your property.

It is, therefore, beneficial to hire a strata management company to manage and maintain your property. The company can reduce your stress and increase the returns of your property.

Therefore, if you are a property owner looking for a strata management company in Perth, Western Australia, then contact Home 2 Home to know more about Strata Management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The difference between strata management and property management is that strata management assists the Council of Owners to manage the common property on behalf of strata lot owners in a scheme, while property management manages a private property on behalf of an owner.

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