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Looking for a New Home?

We value our tenants, and we understand the importance of good long term tenants...

Renting a property is not simply a business transaction, it is about helping you find a place that will become your home. We understand the importance of communication between all parties involved in a rental property. You will have one property manager to liaise with about your property making for simple and smooth communication.

Home 2 Home Realty has properties available for rent in all areas from our Rockingham and Mt Pleasant offices.  We know that finding a new home can be stressful – and finding a property manager you like working with can be even harder.

Home 2 Home Realty's professional team of property managers value all its clients and strives to provide an effortless experience for potential and existing tenants. You will experience a personalisd handover at the property where your property manager will go through the details about the home, when your rent is due next, our emergency procedures, watering days, bin days and any tips to settling in as quickly as possible.

If you find a property of interest, please register through the online enquiry but tell us what day/time will suit you to inspect.  If you work and you require an after-hours appointment or viewing time on a Saturday, please let us know.  We will work with you to make it easy to view.

We are incredibly proud of the fact several of tenants are long term and been with us since 2009.

Find your space. Love your place.