Real Estate Agents Rockingham

Our Unique & Extensive Systems ensure Better Management.

82% of Our Work Comes from Word of Mouth

Rockingham is our home. We live and breathe the suburb.

We really appreciate your hard work of managing our property – we never have to think about it!! Cheers to the next 10 years.

Ben & Nat Cudini

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Welcome To Home 2 Home Rockingham

Rockingham is a lovely place to live. Whether you’re a resident, lessor, or a new investment property owner, this charming and safe community is an ideal investment. For stress-less property management in Rockingham, you can trust Home 2 Home Realty to take care of all operations, with our systems and procedures shaped by our experience, perfected over time.

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Real Estate Agents Rockingham

Rockingham is a beautiful place to live and invest in but finding the perfect house to call home can be stressing. This is because everyone has different preferences when it comes to house shopping, making the perfect one nearly impossible to find. Luckily, Home 2 Home Realty is dedicated to making each individual’s dream of finding the perfect house come true.

About Us

Home 2 Home Realty is dedicated to delivering nothing but high-quality real estate services in Perth to our clients. We have a reputation for being swift, creative and trustworthy in our operations. Customers with unique real estate taste come to us simply because they know we deliver with precision. Whether it is investing, finding a home, or renting out a previous home, we have you covered.

Additionally, our agents are very familiar with Rockingham since most of them own homes in the area. This means that they know everything about this neighbourhood and they are every client’s best shot to finding the perfect house. We are a group of friendly professionals who are at the service of our clients throughout.

Our Real Estate Services in Rockingham

Selling Property

We offer expert advice on how to make optimum profits when selling property. This is through assessments and house modifications aimed at improving the value of the property. Additionally, our marketing team works round the clock to make sure that the property is sold at the best price and within a short period of time.

Property Management

Investors who aim to make maximum rental incomes have the best shot at this with us. This is because our property management specialists find the best tenants for each property and we make sure both parties are happy and content. Notably, we have very low vacancy rates in all our rental houses.

Legal Compliance Services

The real estate industry is highly regulated by the government with various laws and regulations. That said, our team is dedicated to making sure that all our clients adhere to all necessary laws. We go the extra mile of educating them about these laws to avoid penalties and fines.

Buying and Renting Property

Whenever our clients need to rent or buy a property, we walk with them every step of the journey. Moreover, we make sure they get the best deals in the market.

Our Team

As a renowned real estate agent firm, we thrive because of the efforts put in by our team. Not only are our team members educated, but they are also skilled, experienced and passionate about real estate. We are also founded on a culture of trust and transparency is key in all our operations.  All our clients can attest to the quality of our team!

"As this is my first home, I'm quite attached to it, and I was hesitant to rent it out. But I feel very confident that Rome Road is in very safe hands."

B Moonen

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