Cut back and SAVE

Cut back and SAVE

Many of us lead extremely busy lives and we often forget to regularly review various expenses in our lives. With June 30 fast approaching, now is a great time to review some of the expenses you simply pay without giving much thought to. Here is a quick checklist of outgoings you can review:


It is a fact that many of us have both our homes and our contents underinsured. You should consider what it would cost to replace not only your home but also everything in it.


Are you getting value from all that your insurance covers? Have you considered swapping certain services, removing services that you don’t need and adding ones that you might need?


Again, when was the last time you reviewed what you are covered for?  Have you looked closely at items like alarms and where your car is stored and had this noted on your policy?


When it comes to gas, you now have a choice of providers and this means you can negotiate a better rate.


Most of us have both a home and mobile phone and often don’t get good value. Now is a good time to review your plans to ensure you are using all the services you are paying for.


Typically, this is a contact and you need to ensure your plan suits your usage. Call up your provider and chat to them. They are often happy to recommend a bundle based on past usage.


It is good practice to go through your past statements and check out what fees and charges you are paying. Consider if you can reduce these costs.

It may take a little time to go through all of these expenses but there are certainly savings waiting for you if you spend some time conducting an audit.

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