Shannyn’s Blog – Information Night for Owners: Methamphetamines


I’ve been a team member since 2014 and while you never seem to be surprised about the day to day antics that pop up in a Real Estate Office, I have to say shocked doesn’t convey my view after our recent Owner Information Night held in Baldivis.

As a proactive way to educate property Owners and add value to Home 2 Home Realty clients, this information session was about minimizing risk to your property. In particular Methamphetamines.

We wanted to educate property owners in making informed decisions about the management of their properties.

The night dealt with topics such as:

• What steps should your Property Managers be taking to minimize the risk?
• How can you as an owner also be involved in minimizing the risk?
• Do you, as owners, have any obligations if your property tests positive?
• What are the warning signs of a potential “Meth Tenant”?
• What is involved in the testing & cleanup process?
• What is the process for insurance companies if your property tests positive?
• What are the current legislation limits on Methamphetamines?
• What future changes can property owners expect?

Our Director/Licensee, Donna Gordin, spoke about how as your Property Manager we minimize your risk, starting with the application process and it’s what’s not in the application form we are looking for.

We were pleased to have an informative presentation by Lewis Harriman from Kleen Slate Services. He is an expert in methamphetamine screening and decontamination of properties.

Rowan Watson & Julie Cavallo from St George Underwriting Agency, a Perth based Insurance Company talked about how their policy will protect the insurer should you find yourself with a contaminated property.

This was the first of many Information nights for Home 2 Home Realty property Owners.

You don’t want to miss the next one.