There is More to Property Management than Collecting Rent

Jun 13, 2019

New Home

Our property management team has been set up to manage relationships. We understand how important all relationships are. This means we work closely with not only our owners but also our tenants. Our role is to establish great communication with all parties.

Donna heads up the property management team and her goals are to maintain and grow the number of rental properties on their books by offering a superior service. This service starts with the number of properties an individual property manager has in their portfolio.

At Home 2 Home Realty, this number is less than 80, whereas it is not unusual in other companies to find property managers responsible for 120 – 150 properties. This lower number allows the property manager more time to focus on a property instead of just rushing about fighting fires.

We also have established long term relationships with multiple contractors from cleaners, plumbers, and electricians. This ensures prompt and reliable service at a great price which benefits both the tenant and the owner.

To find out more about why Home 2 Home Realty stand out when it comes to property management, call us on 08 9591 3328. We are always happy to have a chat about how we can help you

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