How to Prepare your Home for Sale

May 25, 2020


While preparing your home for sale can be intimidating, this can be a creative opportunity to improve your home’s resale value.

Think like a buyer and meet his needs. Present your home as a fresh, clean, bright and modern space that anybody will love. Here are some tips to prepare your home for sale.

How to Prepare Your Property for a Sale

1. Consider All Repairs Needed and Decide How Much You Want to Fix

Evaluate your home from the outside to the inside, from top to bottom. How does your house compare to the good homes in your neighbourhood? Are your fence and landscaping attractive? Do your plumbing and insulation work well? Will your roof need major repairs? 

Consider what you are willing to fix to get the best return for your investment.

The four areas that add immediate value are:

  • visually appealing front and outdoor areas
  • a modern kitchen with good floors, tapware and nice lighting
  • rooms painted in tasteful, neutral colours
  • a bathroom with good tapware and tiles

2. Make sure that Your Home is Up to Code

Go through your home as a buyer would. Test all faucets, turn on all switches, check all the doors and windows, flush toilets, and even see how your water tastes.

If your home can pass an official foundation and wiring test from a professional home inspector, you can be sure that everything is in place.

3. Emphasise Your Home’s Unique Extras

Emphasise what is unique about your home – like a fun entertainment area or a relaxing, cozy corner perfect for reading or napping can win the deal. Stage your home so that it photographs well and fares better in a competitive house market.

Learning how to prepare your home for sale is like falling in love with your house all over again, and letting buyers feel that way too.

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