Giving Sellers Choice

Oct 28, 2019


The only constant in life is change. When selling your home as a property owner up until now, you could choose from either an auction or private treaty sale method. Inside private treaty, you could choose to market without a price, ie expression of interest, fixed price or a price range. But that essentially was your only options.

Real Estate is not a one size fits all and this if nothing else is what stands out as one of things I love most about this industry. There is variety in everything we do, the types of properties, the sellers, the buyers and the marketing campaign. No day is ever the same, it’s an exciting industry.

But what excites me more is technology and how it can make our world more efficient and more transparent. I think most real estate agents will have at some point in their career been told the person you have just relayed information to, “I don’t believe you”. It’s hard not to take something like this personally. Especially when I was bought up where a person’s word is their bond. My parents taught me to honor my word and to trust people until given a reason not to. So when I tell a Buyer, I have another offer and they don’t believe me, it does surprise me.

Our Rockingham and Mt Pleasant real estate office looks after sales with Gary Antulov and myself working to maximize price through marketing and attracting people to a home. A private treaty sale method does little to create a sense of urgency and fear plays a role in the emotion Buyers go through during the process. No one wants to pay too much for a home. But there are lots of times a Buyer will say after a property is sold, wow, I would have been more for the property had I of known what the offer was. At this point it’s too late.

So, I guess when I was introduced to another way of selling property that was transparent, extracted best price for the Seller and was fair to the Buyer. I was beyond excited and somewhat annoyed after 26 years in this industry I had not thought of it myself, because the person and founder who did is a genius.

It’s an online auction process that allowed Buyer’s with conditions to be able to bid on property that under traditional auction terms would exclude them, this creates more interest because people can see the bids online.

Openn Negotiation is the brain child for Peter Clements, a western suburbs agent that has offered an entire industry a lifeline to build better relationships with their clients.

If you’ve not heard of it before, we would love to show how you can benefit as a Seller to maximize your sale price and a Buyer feel it was a fair process

Donna Gordin | Mt Pleasant | Rockingham

Home 2 Home Realty | Rockingham | Mt Pleasant

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