Gary’s Top Tips to Get a Sale

Sep 19, 2019

happy couple in new Booragoon home

Price –  Get the price right from Day 1.  It is essential the listing price is competitive to the current market conditions.    We often hear, BUT I need this much to pay off a credit card or do this or that, unfortunately, the Buyer is not interested in the Owner’s financial situation. They will only pay what they can afford or perceive as value based on the current market.  You also need to be aware that valuations may not stack up on properties where the Buyer only has a small deposit even if the Buyer want to pay more than market value.

Presentation –  A home that sparkles will always sell for more than a similar home that is tired and run down.  Ensure your property has no drawbacks that have not been addressed from the street. If a prospective Buyer doesn’t like what they see when they pull up, you will never get another opportunity to impress them no matter how good the inside is.  The most cost effective improvement is mulch and an attractive letterbox.  Inside you can’t estimate how much value a fresh coat of paint will add to a property.

Marketing –  If you can’t be found online, you are not on the market.  A contribution to marketing is going to be critical to ensuring success.  Advertising is expensive, so ensure you stand out from the crowd.  Be the property that has professional photos that will meet Buyers expectations,  be the property found on the first two pages of the search engine not matter what site you are on

Communication – It is essential you and your agent can speak freely and openly to discuss strategy, but remember, they are the experts and they will be giving you market and industry expertise.  Let’s face it, this is what you are paying them for.  Honest feedback will ensure you are making informed decisions about price and strategy going forward

Agent – You are about to put your biggest asset into the hands of in some cases a stranger.  An Agent recommended by someone you know is a great start.  Don’t choose the cheapest Agent, don’t choose the most expensive.  Let the person you interview show you how they will benefit you, this could be with trust from a referral, local knowledge, good marketing, BUT to get you the most value – they must be able to demonstrate they can negotiate the best price for YOU!

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