Meth Use In Rental Properties


As a real estate professional for more than 26 years, I never imagined in my lifetime I would need to educate myself about methamphetamines in any way shape or form. On the 24 April 2018, my life as a property manager, licensee and owner of a real estate business changed forever with a ding in … Read more

Gary’s Top Tips to Get a Sale

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Price –  Get the price right from Day 1.  It is essential the listing price is competitive to the current market conditions.    We often hear, BUT I need this much to pay off a credit card or do this or that, unfortunately, the Buyer is not interested in the Owner’s financial situation. They will only pay … Read more

How Do You Find the Right Tenant Quickly?

As a property owner myself, there is nothing more important than a tenant that pays the rent and looks after the property.   Sounds easy!  It hasn’t been so in the last few years were you couldn’t be sure where the next enquiry would come from and would they even like your property.  Difficult rental markets … Read more

The Importance of Property Investment

Have you ever wondered why the phrase “safe as houses” is so widely used? No doubt the reliability of investing funds in property has a lot to do with it. For long term capital growth, an investment property is certainly one of the more robust options. Houses as investment may have fluctuating popularity, but in … Read more

Planning to Invest

If you’re new to the idea of investing in property, then this quick and easy 4 point check list is for you.  Here’s the basics to put into your overall plan to ensure you’re making sound decisions when investing: 1. Plan: A plan is called just that because planning is required. Research, ask questions, read everything you … Read more

There is More to Property Management than Collecting Rent

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Our property management team has been set up to manage relationships. We understand how important all relationships are. This means we work closely with not only our owners but also our tenants. Our role is to establish great communication with all parties. Donna heads up the property management team and her goals are to maintain … Read more