Why You Need Professional Property Management Services

Investing in property is an effective way to build wealth and financial freedom. However, managing a property is often a complex and time-consuming task that requires dedication and expertise. This is where professional property management services come in. Property managers are skilled professionals who understand the complexities of administering and managing the day-to-day operations of … Read more

Choosing the Right Property Management Company


If you own an investment property but don’t live near it or don’t have the time to manage it, then finding a good property management company is essential. The right company will look after your property as if it were their own, finding quality tenants, conducting regular inspections and maintaining the property to a high … Read more

5 Common Strata Problems and How Strata Managers Can Help You With It

worried couple talking to a strata manager

Self-managing your strata complex can often lead to more disputes, especially if you do not understand the existing legislation and regulations. It can, therefore, expose your strata complex to more risks.  It can often be frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult to self-manage a strata complex. That is why hiring a strata manager is advisable. Here are … Read more

How Does a Sinking Fund Help Maintain Your Strata Building?

The owners of a strata building, such as a townhouse or apartment complex, are responsible for maintaining and repairing common property areas. This includes public areas of a facility, such as a parking lot or an elevator.  Related: Strata Management Perth The funds for such works are included in 2 types of strata charges: maintenance/administration … Read more

How to Change Strata Management Company

New strata manager in Perth explaining the terms and conditions to the couple

A strata management company keeps financial accounts, advises on asset management, arrange property maintenance, collect and bank levies and conduct meetings on behalf of the owner’s corporations. However, if the strata management company does not do their job or breaches the contract, the council of owner’s can change the company.  Also read: What is Strata … Read more

When Is the Right Time to Buy a Property

Real estate agent handing over the key

Buying a property is one of the most important life decisions. It takes time to find a good property. However, it is not a good idea to attempt to time the market.  You can even take advantage of low-interest loans or explore your loans options before you invest in a property. It is much better … Read more

When is the Best Time to Sell a Property?

couples discussing about selling property

Selling a home or any other property is a decision that has to be backed by good planning. One important aspect of planning as a property owner in West Australia is strategic timing. This is to avoid losses or any cases of financial distress associated with the wrong timing of the sale. That said, here … Read more

City of Melville Begins Construction of Safe Active Street

Safe Active Street Project Melville

Melville City Mayor, the Hon. George Gear JP, says Safe Active Street construction will begin this August. The first of its kind, the new street project is considered an innovative answer to the community’s increased need for connected and sustainable transport. The City Council approved final designs in June 2020. What is a Safe Active … Read more

Booragoon Real Estate Statistics

booragoon building

Booragoon is a suburb in the commercial areas located at the centre of the City of Melville. Listed as the 10th best suburb in Greater Perth, it is characterised by a well-balanced mix of parks, reserves, private properties, and commercial buildings. It also has a cinema, a public library, and a major regional bus station. … Read more