Booragoon Real Estate Statistics

Aug 13, 2020

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Booragoon is a suburb in the commercial areas located at the centre of the City of Melville. Listed as the 10th best suburb in Greater Perth, it is characterised by a well-balanced mix of parks, reserves, private properties, and commercial buildings. It also has a cinema, a public library, and a major regional bus station. Other features include an aquatic fitness centre, as well as a number of local schools. 

What is the Median Property Price of Booragoon? 

The median property price for a house in Booragoon sits at $840,000, with a growth rate of 1.1% for 10 years. Its median unit price has recently dropped to $482,500, at a .7% growth rate for 10 years. On the other hand, the median land price has risen to $627,000 as of 2020, with a growth rate of -0.4% for 10 years. 

Demographics of Booragoon

The majority of households in Booragoon are couples without children. This group accounts for 36% of all households. The second highest household type is couples and families with children at 33.4%. There is a relatively even distribution of ages in the suburb, with children (0-18) making up 27.6% of the population while people aged 50+ make up 26.9% of the population.

Why Choose Home 2 Home as Your Booragoon Real Estate Agents 

Home 2 Home is committed to proactive service through stable and reliable property management in Booragoon. Our purpose is to maximise your returns as a property owner, whether you are renting out or selling a home. Our team understands the importance of every person involved, so we are driven by a desire to produce the best results for your property requirements. 

We understand the value of community, a value of great importance in a suburb like Booragoon. Excellence, we believe, begins with educating our clients to help them select a place or a deal that best suits their needs. 

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