Impact of the AUKUS submarine plan on property in Rockingham

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Our Licensee, Donna Gordin was asked to provide some input on the AUKUS submarine announcement and the impact on the property market in Rockingham and the surrounding suburbs. Thanks to Australian Property Investor Magazine for including Donna’s thoughts. “Donna Gordin, Director, Home2Home in Rockingham, said the submarine deal cements demand in the Rockingham and surrounding … Read more

Why use a property manager?

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There are several reasons why using a property manager can be beneficial for property owners who want to both protect and maximize the benefit of their asset. 1. Tenant Screening: A property manager can handle tenant screening and selection, which can help ensure an ideal match for your property with tenants. 2. Rent Collection: Property … Read more

Easy Cost Saving Ideas


With the cost of living rising all the time and the threat of interest rate rises continuing across Australia, here are our favourite ideas for saving on your household costs. One of our core values is educate, so we hope you find this resource useful and are able to action as many of these ideas … Read more

Places Of Interest In Booragoon

Inside of Westfield Booragoon

Booragoon is an ideal location for singles or families with kids. As a suburb of Perth with convenient transport such as the train station and the Booragoon Bus Depot just a short walk away, all the modern amenities of the big city are within easy reach. Perth can be accessed via the Kwinana Freeway and … Read more

Solar For a Greener Strata

The latest strata schemes for Western Australia have seen positive changes to solar plans for strata developments. The NSW government passed the legislation in 2021, making installing renewable energy in strata complexes easier. With these amendments in place, strata schemes now only have to pass a voter majority of 50% to implement instead of the … Read more

The Benefits of Strata Property

A residential strata property also known as a unit, apartment, flat, villa or townhouse, is located in a building or complex which is shared jointly by other individuals. Owners can access common areas such as lobbies, corridors, and recreation facilities.  When you buy into a strata scheme, you also buy into an owners’ corporation.  The … Read more

WA’s New Strata Laws – What you need to know

An increasing number of Western Australians own, work or live in strata properties such as apartments, units, townhouses and villas.  Owners share responsibility for any common property, including gardens, external walls, foyers and driveways. With the rise in popularity of strata ownership, we have seen increased issues in how strata are run and managed. The … Read more

5 Common Strata Problems and How Strata Managers Can Help You With It

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Self-managing your strata complex can often lead to more disputes, especially if you do not understand the existing legislation and regulations. It can, therefore, expose your strata complex to more risks.  It can often be frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult to self-manage a strata complex. That is why hiring a strata manager is advisable. Here are … Read more

How Does a Sinking Fund Help Maintain Your Strata Building?

The owners of a strata building, such as a townhouse or apartment complex, are responsible for maintaining and repairing common property areas. This includes public areas of a facility, such as a parking lot or an elevator.  Related: Strata Management Perth The funds for such works are included in 2 types of strata charges: maintenance/administration … Read more