Solar For a Greener Strata

The latest strata schemes for Western Australia have seen positive changes to solar plans for strata developments. The NSW government passed the legislation in 2021, making installing renewable energy in strata complexes easier. With these amendments in place, strata schemes now only have to pass a voter majority of 50% to implement instead of the … Read more

The Benefits of Strata Property

A residential strata property also known as a unit, apartment, flat, villa or townhouse, is located in a building or complex which is shared jointly by other individuals. Owners can access common areas such as lobbies, corridors, and recreation facilities.  When you buy into a strata scheme, you also buy into an owners’ corporation.  The … Read more

WA’s New Strata Laws – What you need to know

An increasing number of Western Australians own, work or live in strata properties such as apartments, units, townhouses and villas.  Owners share responsibility for any common property, including gardens, external walls, foyers and driveways. With the rise in popularity of strata ownership, we have seen increased issues in how strata are run and managed. The … Read more

5 Common Strata Problems and How Strata Managers Can Help You With It

worried couple talking to a strata manager

Self-managing your strata complex can often lead to more disputes, especially if you do not understand the existing legislation and regulations. It can, therefore, expose your strata complex to more risks.  It can often be frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult to self-manage a strata complex. That is why hiring a strata manager is advisable. Here are … Read more

How Does a Sinking Fund Help Maintain Your Strata Building?

The owners of a strata building, such as a townhouse or apartment complex, are responsible for maintaining and repairing common property areas. This includes public areas of a facility, such as a parking lot or an elevator.  Related: Strata Management Perth The funds for such works are included in 2 types of strata charges: maintenance/administration … Read more

How to Change Strata Management Company

New strata manager in Perth explaining the terms and conditions to the couple

A strata management company keeps financial accounts, advises on asset management, arrange property maintenance, collect and bank levies and conduct meetings on behalf of the owner’s corporations. However, if the strata management company does not do their job or breaches the contract, the council of owner’s can change the company.  Also read: What is Strata … Read more

5 Top Myths about Strata Managers

It is confusing for most people to understand strata. In fact, it is challenging to get the right information. That is why there are myths about strata managers. It is better to separate fact from fiction and tackle the common misconceptions.  This article will help you understand the myths about strata managers.  1. Strata Managers … Read more

What Is Strata Management In Real Estate?

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As the real estate sector evolves, many people are investing in common properties, where several amenities are shared. This is because the properties are more affordable and are often found in developed cities or towns. However, before buying a common property, it is essential to understand what role strata management in Perth plays in the … Read more

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Strata Management Company

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A strata management company manages jointly owned properties, including residential establishments and commercial buildings. However, a lot of investors have never thought of hiring a strata management company. Hiring a Perth strata management company saves you money and reduces your stress. Here are the top 3 reasons to hire a professional strata management company: 1. … Read more