5 Common Strata Problems and How Strata Managers Can Help You With It

Mar 16, 2022

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Self-managing your strata complex can often lead to more disputes, especially if you do not understand the existing legislation and regulations. It can, therefore, expose your strata complex to more risks. 

It can often be frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult to self-manage a strata complex. That is why hiring a strata manager is advisable.

Here are the common strata problems and how strata managers can help you with them: 

Common Strata Issues

1. Pet Ownership 

A lot of people have pets that live with them. As they move to your strata complex, they also bring their pets with them. However, some people who live in the same complex may be allergic to pets or are not quite fond of animals. 

Pets can even bring fleas into your strata complex. 

Strata managers can help settle disputes among residents regarding pet ownership and find a solution that benefits owners and non-owners alike.

2. Conflict in Parking Spaces

Some residents sometimes park and block access to common property. And disputes over more convenient parking spaces are quite common in a strata complex. 

The job of the strata manager is to resolve conflicts in parking spaces and control parking on common property. 

3. Smoke Drift in Apartment Blocks

Residents who smoke often light up outside their own apartments and in common areas. Smoke drift in apartment blocks can affect the other residents as well. 

The strata manager can, therefore, pass bylaws to deal with passive smoking. 

4. Issues in Improvements and Renovations

Improvements and renovations can add appeal and value to their homes. However, these may cause excessive noise and other inconveniences to other residents in the complex.

A strata manager can help notify residents when someone is doing building work and what to expect. They can also arrange schedules for workers to do their renovation work during less inconvenient hours. 

5. Noise Control

It is common for other residents to make loud noises in their homes. For instance, they can have loud parties at night which can affect the other homeowners. 

A strata manager can help enforce laws to regulate noise pollution in the complex and advise residents on helpful party practices.

How Strata Managers Can Help? 

1. Administration

The job of the strata manager is to run meetings, manage correspondence between potential buyers and owners and take care of legal compliance covering everything, including insurance and fire and lift certification. 

2. Conflict Resolution

A strata manager resolves conflicts in the strata complex. If the owners do not get along or a resident violates the bylaws of the strata scheme, a strata manager is called in. 

3. Enforce Strata Scheme’s Bylaws

A strata manager enforces the bylaws of the strata scheme. The manager ensures all the residents adhere to these bylaws. 

Tired of self-managing your strata complex?

A strata manager helps developers and owners in managing their strata complex cost-effectively and efficiently. 

If you are looking for a strata management company in Perth, Western Australia, contact Home2Home to know more about Strata Management.

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